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Boavista is just 30 km width, is nearly round and mostly desert, but presents a territory rich of breathtaking views, points of interest, white beaches and crystalline, a calm ocean, a fantastic climate and a joyful population who lives his life in peace, far from the stress. Don’t be fooled by the brightness of the sky that your eyes are not used, nor the crisp air and rich or oxygen which your lungs taste memories just stepping out from the cities: Boavista is more than that. The African wind, the tropical sun and the volcanic soil have donated to the island a shape that can be appreciated even by the most demanding: exciting excursions await you, totally safely, relaxing days at the beach or resort and fun-filled evenings. Don’t settle for a swimming pool and a cocktail: Boavista must to be explored! Acquire new flavors from local cuisine, rich of fish and vegetables and you will want to dance on the beat of Cape Verdean music. And while you’ll surprise to imagine yourself in a fairy tale, you will meet amazing animals in their natural habitat. If you have the luck and confidence to spend moments with the locals, you will discover that the hospitality and kindness are normal here. Forget the rush, visit the portal and you won’t want to leave.

First time in Boavista? The portal allows you to have an overview of what the island offers: beaches, entertainment, clubs, points of interest and more. Explore the island with excursions, discover Santa Monica Beach and the caves of Varandinha, live an adventure among the sand dunes of the desert of Viana and relax at Chave’s Bay. Feel your emotions grow up while you move through a land where nature is left undisturbed! You can visit the main towns and buy souvenirs, doing water sports and sunbathing in total relax. You’ll be tempted to hire a pickup and venturing into the island knowing that the phone works everywhere and if you use a local card, you’ll also have the 3G connection! Ask in reception or visit the official website of Boavista if you want an overview of what Boavista can do for you!


Overnight accommodation in Boavista has never been so easy! Choose from several types: relax in one of the villages, ready to welcome you and offer you an ALL inclusive holiday, or looking for a more intimate time in an apartment for rent. You will have a sea view and silence without leaving the comforts of home. The most adventurous can also decide to camp. The small difference of temperature between day and night enables you to leave at home heavy clothing. After a day under the sun, it is normal to feel a little cool at night, but a sweatshirt or light jacket may be enough. On clear nights, you can see all the splendor of the Milky Way, express desires under falling stars and enjoy unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. Lovers of silence and relax will find what they’re looking for, as well as nature lovers can find wild and untouched landscapes. On the portal you can easily find the information you need to choose an accommodation, book tours and arrange your evenings.


Boavista is a paradise for surfers. But also: kite-surfing, wind-surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, fishing from the beach and in deep sea are just some of the sports that thousands of tourists and residents practice every year. Lessons for beginners are available in several schools and hotels. Some professional fishermen rent their boats to sea trips looking for a “memorable catch” and accompany you in the enterprise. Every year Boavista is scenery of marathons, the most famous is the 150 km Ultramarathon, from crystalline beaches to desert sand. You can discover all about it on Boavista Official, and find schools, timetables, prices and regulations. Weather and webcam section gives you an overview about the condition of the sea, wind and sky. There are also detailed personal material transport and shops where you can buy sports equipment.


Boavista is one of the last paradises, still intact and protected from tourism invasive. The services in the area and its location make it unique for those who are looking for relaxation, as well as for those who want to get closer to nature without great danger. Sunbathe, relax, eating always in a different place, venturing in excursions which will enter the memory, are activities for everyone, adults and children. The beaches of the hotels are ready to welcome you and offer you every kind of comfort, as well as the beach club on the coast and hotels in the city. You can enjoy the Cape Verdean cuisine in restaurants, or feel at home by ordering a pizza or preparing a delicious dish of fresh fish. Hiking and outdoor activities come near to nature and depending on the time you will find breathtaking views, wonderful animals and points of interest characteristic that will become a beautiful memory. On the portal you will find all you need to fall in love with Boavista!


Those who love nature know its beauties and dangers. According to the periods, Boavista is visited by nests and migrations. Although it is in Africa, the island does not know scorpions, snakes and venomous animals. Instead it knows dogs, goats and donkeys. No felines, only cats. A multitude of rare birds attract birdwatchers from around the world, but you can see eagles and hawks during a normal excursions. The beaches are frequented by birds and crabs that night’s feast on the shore. The ocean is an explosion of colors, fish, dolphins, turtles and whales. And no worries for sharks: the abundance of fish in these waters keeps them far off and there are not real dangers to bathers and fishermen. In the website get to know all the information you need to observe and fall in love with these animals.


Boavista: the places, the emotions


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